2019 Semi-Blind Events

Big Money Positional Shoot


This is a memorial event for our friend Lt. Mike "Big Money" Howe of the Baltimore County SWAT.  I will consist of IPSC carboard targets at a max range of 600 yards. 

Sponsor - London Bridge Tactical Sniper Golf


Peacemaker offers a huge unknown distance steel range. There will be a physical event to determine range position. 

LBT Link

Sponsor - Tactical Distributors Grouping Exercise 500 - 600 - 1000 yards


B-17 Targets stationary at 500, 600 and 1,000 yards. 

Tactical Distributors Link

Sponsor - Danner Boots / Gun Loop Trail


Distance / Terrain / Handgun & Rifle run in a timed loop. 

POFC Jason Schneider "Know Your Limitations"


You call your shots based on ability / wind / weather on steel targets. Longer range shots or smaller targets are worth more points.

Danner Boots

Patrol Rifle Events are not available during the 2019 dates.

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